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Posted By Gwinnett Medical Back & Neck Pain || 11-Jul-2016

Atlanta Chiropractor

Welcome Gwinnett Back and Neck Pain to the greater Atlanta Area. We are proud to server the community in Lawrenceville and Norcross . First let us welcome you by saying that we are pleased that you have found our Atlanta Chiropractic Practice. We hope that you will find our blog helpful in the coming months and years to assist you in your everyday health and way of living.

Gwinnett back and Neck Pain we strive to keep our patients healthy and mobile. Our philosophy on patient care is simple and one our patients are extremely familiar with; we want you to live the best life possible and taking care of your spine is the simplest way to feeling great every day for a more satisfying and healthy life.

For over 10 years Dr. Michael Cohen has been an Atlanta Chiropractor committed to providing breakthrough pain treatment. His goal is to relieve any discomfort or pain you are experiencing and to ensure that you are able to live a comfortable, productive and healthy life.

You may be wondering how chiropractic care can help you feel your best every day. What is it that Chiropractors do that will help the pain you are experiencing?:

Chiropractors locate and correct subluxations, a condition that damages, nerves, muscles, fascia, meninges and other tissues. Subluxations cause joints to “freeze” or lose normal movement, causing damage to the involved area.

Once taken under the chiropractic care of Dr. Michael Cohen you will notice the benefits of your visits. Your head will be more balanced, your hips and shoulders will be more level and the stress will then be taken off the joints and muscles throughout your body. Once the energy of your body is no longer spent on supporting an unbalanced spine you will experience a greater increase in energy and more fluidity throughout the body.

Interested in meeting Dr. Michael Cohen by scheduling an appointment?

Our office staff will gladly assist you in setting up an appointment and verifying your insurance. We strive to provide health care for individuals and families with and without health coverage. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality comprehensive care, one patient at a time.

For our office hours, directions and telephone number please refer back to our website at:

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