Ice Safety During Weird Winter Weather in Georgia

Posted By Gwinnett Medical Back & Neck Pain || 9-Jan-2017

Georgia is known for humidity and fairly temperate weather year round. But temperatures can drop noticeably in the peak of the winter, and heavy precipitation is not uncommon. With the strangely cold weather circulating around the country, it is not out of the question to think that Georgia could get hit with some chilly mornings that put ice on pathways and roads.

If frigid mornings do put some frost underfoot, it is crucial you know what to look for and what to do. Otherwise, you might find yourself suffering from a serious injury after a slip-and-fall accident.

Here’s a quick list of 3 easy hints to remember to prevent slips on the ice:

  • Appropriate footwear: Strap on your boots that have more traction than sneakers or heels to reduce your chances of tumbling on ice. You might not need heavy snow boots most of the time, but it doesn’t hurt to have one good pair. Maybe you’ll vacation up to the Appalachians next year?
  • Keep cat litter: Depending on your home’s altitude, you could feasibly see a solid patch of ice in front of your front door one morning this winter. You probably won’t have grit or a large bag of salt at the ready, but a bag of cat litter can serve the same purpose just fine. It is especially helpful to “salt” icy walkways if you know you are going to need to traverse them a few times in a short time span, such as unloading groceries or moving things around to prepare for a party.
  • Carry nothing when possible: If you don’t need to carry anything in your hands while trekking over the ice, don’t. Keeping your hands free can mean catching yourself safely if you do fall, or helping you stay balanced. Put your phone in your pocket and keep it there until safe. It also helps to get some good mittens if it is cold so you don’t stuff your hands in your pockets to escape the bite of the morning air.

I Slipped on the Ice – Who Can Help Me?

The best laid plans can become unraveled, and you might slip and fall on an icy walkway despite your utmost care. If you do take a tumble and suffering lingering pain or soreness, Gwinnett Medical Back & Neck Pain can help you find gentle yet effective treatments for your condition. Our chiropractors in Gwinnett County, Georgia are well-known throughout the state for providing our clients with excellent care that is priced affordably.

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