What Might Really Be Causing the Pain in Your Shoulder

Posted By Gwinnett Medical Back & Neck Pain || 8-Jul-2017

What Might Really Be Causing the Pain in Your Shoulder

Although you’re experiencing pain in your shoulder, it could be that nothing is wrong with that joint. The pain could be coming from your neck, specifically from your cervical vertebrae.Gwinnett Medical Clinic has extensive experience in treating this kind of back and neck pain.

The condition is called cervical radiculopathy. Here’s how the experts at WebMD explain it:

What Is Cervical Radiculopathy?

Cervical radiculopathy is the damage or disturbance of nerve function that results if one of the nerve roots near the cervical vertebrae is compressed. Damage to nerve roots in the cervical area can cause pain and the loss of sensation along the nerve's pathway into the arm and hand, depending on where the damaged roots are located.

Causes of Cervical Radiculopathy

Damage can occur as a result of pressure from material from a ruptured disc, degenerative changes in bones, arthritis or other injuries that put pressure on the nerve roots. In middle-aged people, normal degenerative changes in the discs can cause pressure on nerve roots. In younger people, cervical radiculopathy tends to be the result of a ruptured disc, perhaps as a result of trauma. This disc material then compresses or inflames the nerve root, causing pain.

Symptoms of Cervical Radiculopathy

The main symptom of cervical radiculopathy is pain that spreads into the arm, neck, chest, upper back and/or shoulders. A person with radiculopathy may experience muscle weakness and/or numbness or tingling in fingers or hands. Other symptoms may include lack of coordination, especially in the hands.

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