Benefits of Instrument-Assisted Manipulation for Treating Pain

Posted By Gwinnett Medical Back & Neck Pain || 31-May-2017

At Gwinnett Medical Back & Neck Pain, we specialize in providing the personalized care and targeted treatment accident victims need to find relief from pain, handle the demands of daily life, and return to the activities they enjoy. In order to accomplish this, we leverage our extensive experience and advanced tools to provide customized care that fits the unique needs of our patients. This includes the use of instrument-assisted manipulation.

Instrument-assisted manipulation can be effective in treating many of the joint and soft tissue injuries common in auto accidents, including neck injuries resulting from whiplash, shoulder or arm injuries, knee pain, lower back pain, and more. The most common form of instrument-assisted manipulation is known as the Activator method, and it involves the use of a hand-held instrument that allows a chiropractor to apply force at specific points without thrusting into the spine. It is a chiropractic technique commonly used by American chiropractors and practitioners throughout the western world.

For accident victims who struggle with pain, stiffness, and soreness that can persist for weeks or even months after the initial injury, instrument-assisted manipulation can provide a number of benefits, especially when the nature of these injuries makes it difficult for patients to be effectively treated without experiencing pain. Some of the benefits and uses of instrument-assisted manipulation include:

  • Gentle application of joint manipulation for patients who experience severe pain with other forms of treatment, including manual spinal manipulation.
  • Targeted treatment for spinal vertebra or joints performed at a high speed so that muscles are less likely to tense and resist treatment.
  • Localized applied force reduces torque and bending movements of joints.

In addition to instrument-assisted manipulation of vertebra and joints, the technique can also be performed as a form of soft tissue therapy that may be used in conjunction with traditional chiropractic adjustment. Benefits of soft tissue instrument-assisted manipulation include:

  • Directly targets scar tissue and adhesions that can form during the healing process, cause pain, and limit mobility.
  • Restart’s the body’s natural healing process by targeting soft tissue in the injured area and using controlled micro trauma.
  • Immediate relief resulting from stimulation of the healing process and the removal of scar tissue.

If you have questions about instrument-assisted manipulation, our Lawrenceville chiropractor, or any of the services we provide, do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your injury and available treatment options during an initial consultation. Our team is happy to help local residents begin their journey toward a pain free, productive, and active life, and offers same-day appointments! We also provide services in both English and Spanish, can provide attorney referrals to victims harmed in car wrecks, and provide transportation to and from appointments for patient convenience.

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