5 Ways Chiropractic Care Helps Athletes

Posted By Gwinnett Medical Back & Neck Pain || 21-Mar-2018

Many people benefit from regular chiropractic care, though they may be under the impression that a chiropractor is only for treating their neck pain or back problems. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, however! Chiropractors can treat a wide variety of painful injuries, but they also can help you prevent them. An estimated 90% of all world-class athletes have used chiropractic care to prevent injuries and increase their performance. Here are five of the top benefits of chiropractic care for athletes.

1. Chiropractic Care Can Undo the Damage Sports Can Cause

As an athlete, you’re probably familiar with some of the many injuries you can sustain. Some of the more serious injuries include sprains, dislocations, and concussions. Even if you don’t experience these severe injuries, it’s likely that you’ll still sustain minor injuries. Football is the first sport that comes to mind when it comes to sports injuries, but any sport that involves a lot of contact and physical demands can strain your spine, muscles, and joints.

When your spine isn’t perfectly aligned and moving properly, it can create “vertebral subluxations,” or small areas of irritation in your nervous system. This irritation can interfere with the rest of your body’s function and can affect your performance. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help fight these subluxations and prevent irritation.

2. Chiropractors Can Treat Many Different Sports Injuries

Routine chiropractic adjustments can help treat the injuries athletes sustain in high impact sports, such as soccer, football, wrestling, and hockey. High-impact sports can place the body under the same amount of strain you’d experience in a car crash. Ouch! Regularly experiencing this rough contact without correcting the minor damage caused each time can lead to severe and even career-ending injuries.

Regular adjustments can also improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and help shorten the healing time of injuries. Even athletes who play low impact sports can benefit from chiropractic care and may find their performance improves with regular treatments. It can also be used to address some of the common ailments athletes of all classes face, such as:

  • Headaches: Head and neck injuries are common in many sports, and chiropractic care can help correct those injuries and relieve headaches. Many headaches are caused by pain or tension in the neck, called facet joint pain.
  • Shoulder pain: Shoulder manipulation is a technique chiropractors can perform to restore motion and reduce shoulder pain. When paired with traditional physical rehabilitation therapy, it can even help improve the recovery outcome.
  • Ankle injuries: Chiropractic adjustments can help treat ankle sprains by increasing motion and ankle function. Adjustments can also lessen the pain during recovery.
  • Injury prevention: No one wants to become injured, so injury prevention is a critical aspect of your care as an athlete. Regular chiropractic care has been shown to reduce the number of injuries reported by athletes.

3. Chiropractic Care Is Non-Invasive & Drug-Free

Treating back and neck injuries with chiropractic care is common for athletes, but chiropractors can also treat injuries to other parts of the body. Additionally, a chiropractor can reduce the need for painkillers or invasive surgical procedures.

Here are 4 treatments chiropractors may use to help athletes:

  • Active release technique: Massage and stretching are combined with gently moving the affected joint through a range of motion.
  • Graston technique: Stainless steel tools are used to gently rub the muscles to encourage blood flow to the area, break up scar tissue, and relax the muscle.
  • Functional dry needling: Deep trigger points are stimulated using a fine needle to release tension in the muscle.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation: Contractions are triggered by small electrical pulses to encourage the muscle to release tension after the contraction.

4. Routine Chiropractic Care Prevents Future Injuries

A chiropractor who treats athletes should be familiar with treating the whole person. With a comprehensive program, chiropractors can design treatments that can address the athlete’s unique needs and encourage better performance.

5. Chiropractic Care Decreases Pain

The spine plays an important role in the transmission of pain and contains a large number of pain-sensitive tissues. These include joints, muscles, nerves, ligaments, and discs. Abnormal alignment patterns can cause stress and strain on these tissues and can cause lingering pain. Routine care works to correct these misalignments and has been found to be consistently better at reducing the intensity of low back pain and restoring regular function than other medical options. This was true for both short-term and long-term effects.

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