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The sciatic nerve is comprised of nerve roots coming out of the spinal cord and into the lower back. The nerve runs through the buttock, down the back of the leg, and reaches down to the ankle and foot. Any compression or irritation of this nerve can cause sciatica, a condition causing pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling in the lower back and down the leg. At best, this discomfort can be merely annoying, but at worst, it can greatly interfere with your daily life.

Life is too short to live with constant sciatica pain. If you have been injured in an accident and are now struggling with pain and discomfort that limits your mobility and detracts from your quality of life, Gwinnett Medical Back & Neck Pain can help.

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Sciatica Causes & Treatments

There are a number of things that can cause sciatica. The most common cause of sciatica is when a bulging or ruptured (herniated) disc of the spine presses against the nerve roots that lead to the sciatic nerve. Sciatica can result from a trauma to the spine, such as from a slip and fall accident or car accident. It can also be caused by spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spine, a pinched nerve from an injury, a tumor, or bone spurs caused by arthritis.

While many cases of sciatica will resolve on their own, there are treatments available to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms and restore you to a pain-free life. At Gwinnett Medical Back & Neck Pain, our Lawrenceville and Norcross chiropractors treat sciatica through holistic and effective physical therapy and chiropractic care. Whether your symptoms were brought about by an auto accident injury, a work injury, or a slip and fall accident, our chiropractors specialize in treatingthis type of injury.

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